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Bryan traveling in Alaska on the railroad

Bryan Chatlien



I grew up in Alaska, shooting landscapes as a hobby. A period in the US Navy allowed me to explore the rest of the US and earn an education in electronics troubleshooting.


After moving to Dallas, I earned my chops working as Director of Photography and Cinematographer on Indie Films and TV projects. On my resume are Art Films, Documentaries, Celebrity Interviews, and Concerts, as well as various Feature Films. 


That Film style was carried with me as I transitioned back to still photography. Regularly shooting Portrait, Fashion, Art, Events, and Catalog work, I especially enjoy the complexity of balancing the many aspects of Marketing Photography. Each of my clients have needed from me a wholly individual style, feel, and message in order to connect with their own intended client base and audience. All digital, all cutting edge techniques, every shoot is something different and new.


There is an energy that flows between the photographer and the subject. I live for that. 


I look forward to continuing Marketing, Fashion, and Art photography, and am working toward becoming a National Geographic Photographer, combining the landscape photography of my childhood with the skills and style I have spent my adulthood mastering. 


My career has thus far taken me across the US, as well as internationally. How far would you like me to go for you?


Thank you for visiting my website. Please check back as I update content.    -Bryan

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